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The History of Dalraida United Methodist Church

In the late 1940's, Dalraida which was then outside the Montgomery city limits, began growing.  As it did, the need for a Methodist Church also became apparent.  A survey by the young people of Burge Memorial Methodist Church found several Methodist families who expressed a desire for a neighborhood church.

Dr. Cecil Ellisor, District Superintendent of the Montgomery District of the Alabama West-Florida Conference, called an organizational meeting. Joining him were the Rev. Robert L. Wilson (pastor of Burge Memorial), C.E. Tatul (Chaplain of the Veteran's Hospital), and Rev. Ray Simmons.

The first worship services of the newly organized Dalraida Methodist Church was held Feb 12, 1950, at a small cafe' owned by Mr. & Mrs. Moncrief on Perry Hill Rd. Some 25 persons attended and sang "Holy, Holy, Holy" as their first hymn. The Moncrief family would then use their home on Hunter Lane for worship and Sunday school and evening worship and youth fellowship were held in the workshop of Mr. & Mrs. Cowan on Wares Ferry Rd. June of 1950, on Charter Sunday, 55 persons pledged their membership to the young church. In the Spring of that year, the church had already voted to purchase land on Atlanta Highway for the actual site location.

Rev. Robert Wilson pastored both the Burge and Dalraida churches until the Conference met in May 1950, when Rev. Wilson was appointed to Dalraida. On April 22, 1951, the congregation voted to begin preparation for building the church. Groundbreaking was held on May 23, 1952 and the foundation and most of the masonry and roof were constructed by members and families. Dalraida Methodist Church was incorporated on July 11, 1953. The building itself was finished on Palm Sunday 1954 and congregants held their first worship service in the sanctuary.

January 19, 1958,, ground was broken for the first phase of a $54,000 education building, which was completed in August 1958. The second phase was completed in September 1978 at a cost of $278,000. A highlight of Dalraida UMC in the 1990's was the number of members receiving their call to full time ministry. During that time, six members of the Dalraida congregation either completed or were involved in candidacy studies for ministry. Today, we continue to dream big about ways that our congregation can connect with our community, city, state, and the world.

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